This Chewy Milk Recipe Has +39 Million Views – Is It Tasty?

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This recipe for chewy milk has 39 million views but is it tasty?! Let’s find out…

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I tested this recipe from Home Cooking:

00:00 Intro
00:22 Introducing the recipe
1:00 Starting recipe
2:20 Whisking ingredients together.
2:50 Cooking the dough.
6:00 Shaping the dough.
6:30 Buttcheeks.
7:25 Cutting and shaping the chewy milk.
8:29 Taste test.

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11 replies on “This Chewy Milk Recipe Has +39 Million Views – Is It Tasty?”

  1. I’ve made this quite a few times, whenever I make it I use a metal saucepan with a metal spoon after I saw someone on the comments of the first video saying you’d have to have a very good non stick pan for it to not stick like that, I find it easier to stir though it does sometimes get suck on the edges, I also use cornstarch instead of potato. I find it easier to make if I mix the ingredients with a small amount of milk to make a paste. Idk why but sometimes it’ll stick to the plate and sometimes it won’t (I don’t put oil or anything on the plate)😆 I think it’s something to do with the condensation when it hits the plate (it starts to stick whenever I start lifting it up and down on the plate), also while I don’t normally shape it I do find the outside gets a little less sticky if you wait a couple of minutes. I agree with Emmys comment about flavour, though personally I like the convenience and texture of this, I don’t like many desserts so this adds some variation what I eat 😆

  2. Please, please try Pastillas de Leche or Mango Float. Dairy snack/desserts from the Philippines. Several recipes here on YT, and you will find that it's one the of the easiest most enjoyable desserts around.

  3. we made fun of the kid who ate paste in kindergarten…he is laughing now for sure…

  4. Well, that did look very fun! Such a waste left in the pan and not a tasty outcome. I was thinking they could have been rolled in cocoa or powdered sugar. They do sound interesting and a fun mouth feel! The best part, they are gluten free! I just adore it when you make GF desserts! Thank you, Emmy, you are fantastic!

  5. I’ve done recipes from that channel before and what I learned is you gotta just trust the process LOL if you deviate it’ll come out different. I find that my cooking times aren’t always the same as theirs but specifically for stuff with starches you sometimes gotta go passed what you think you should. I don’t remember what recipe I did but I too didn’t cook it long enough and it was softer than the video

  6. Never knew you had a channel, I always watched you on facebook. Just subscribed~❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  7. I watched the original video. They did say to stir over low heat until it pulls away from pan. Also refrigeration was optional. Maybe too high heat caused the sticking issue? I will try this because I love mochi and it seems similar

  8. Lol…it really does look like a little butt…😳 you're too funny 🤣 I really want to taste these! 😋 I love your glasses and I have to have them..Have a beautiful week…xo hydie

  9. I would add vanilla or almond & maybe trying putting dollops in a brownie.

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