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24 replies on “The Best Tasty Desserts of the Year • Tasty”

  1. i love how these desserts are stacked full of sugar but they always feel the need to add that whipped cream on top

  2. I got a recipe book and I'm writing one of the recipes (chocolate dipped icecream taco)

  3. Hello, good video friend,
    thank you for sharing, it tastes so good, you always like your video


  4. No one will mention the fact that they called Oreos "Double Stuffed Cookies"?

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  7. its rolled in the towel the first time after it cam out the oven

  8. I can't wait to try!! I wish I could eat yours through the screen 😂 😂

  9. Very creative but how many times can you add sugar to sugar? F***ing gross. Oh let me guess… As many times as needed. Wtf is the difference?

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