The Art of Wedding Cakes

Carolina Sigbaum from Lady C Cakes came into the studio to show us the art of wedding cakes.

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Carolina Sigbaum

26 replies on “The Art of Wedding Cakes”

  1. I love the fact they used a gay couple in the beginning. I hope we one day get to the point that I wouldn’t even feel like pointing it out

  2. Not my cup of tea, looks like a blue rock with some paper bits stuck on it.

  3. I just started learning how to do fake bakes or dummy cakes, aka, cakes that look like the real thing but made from things like spackle, foam, and modeling clay, and man, I have a new found respect for cake decorators because it is a lot of work. Some of the things I mess up on, I can go back and correct, but if it were a real cake, I would probably have to start over.

  4. No offense but that cake….. 🥴😅
    But I do agree you're talented. It just doesn't show on that cake

  5. People can't boil water and critique professionals all day long. Grow up.

  6. Cake where? those nails are so clean and beautiful that's what I saw ..

  7. I’m a cake decorator. Awhile ago I went to an interview for a pretty popular bakery here in LA, the head honcho told me, wedding cakes are just big cakes with borders. I understand he wanted to make it sound less intimidating but to me, he really just downplayed their magnificence and what an art piece they are.

  8. I’m a wedding cake decorator for a living and it blows my mind how much work goes into each cake and yet customers don’t want to pay the price for it🤧 it’s like some customers want a 5 tier cake completely covered in edible detailing and don’t wanna spend more than $600 but nope that’s gonna be over $1,000 cake people😳 I honestly love my job though

  9. Why would you make an concrete-like design when the cake can be smooth and clean?

  10. Yuck…fondant. I like buttercream better. My wedding cake was absolutely delicious and it was buttercream.

  11. Wonderful cake, on this channel I will always see beautiful things❤️

  12. As soon as I saw her use fondant I knew I had to head to the comments. The fondant hate crowd is one of the most passionate groups out there 😂

  13. Can we all appreciate this true craftsmanship to create this sensational cake 🎂?

  14. Fondant. I think that using it requires a lot of skill and that cakes can look very good with it, but I also disapprove of its use. For one, people tend to really dislike it. Although, I personally think it makes a cake look very sterile and inauthentic, like a vocal performance that's been completely pitch and tone corrected in post. The perfect, smooth edges look so unnatural. It also takes away from the flavor of the outside, as she said, she wants it to taste as good on the outside as on the inside. Why then remove any complexity to the outside's flavors? Fondant has one flavor: sugar and nothing else. Why gimp the possibility of adding and decorating with a delectable frosting? There are limitless options there. Instead you opt to essentially place my cake in a bland case that at worst people will hate the flavor of and at best will be peeled off to reach the inside, at which point, I ask: what's the point? Use fondant if the cake is never meant to be eaten, otherwise don't use shortcuts to make it look good.

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