Tasty Miniature Chilli Crab Recipe – ASMR Cooking Mini Food

Tasty Miniature Chilli Crab Recipe – ASMR Cooking Mini Food
Hi everyone, Today I make Chilli Crab. Hope you like it. Please don’t forget to CLICK like the video & subscribe my channel to watch more amazing videos. Hope you enjoy!
Link Video: https://youtu.be/zrGjNiGLHDo

soybean paste
chilli powder
Green chilies
Shrimp paste
Tomato puree
Sweet chili sauce

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Scriptwriter : Lan Nguyen
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Production Designer : Thuy Anh Nguyen
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24 replies on “Tasty Miniature Chilli Crab Recipe – ASMR Cooking Mini Food”

  1. Thanks for your contents. Everything are so perfect. It's make me more and more motivations

  2. Small tip you can use a toothpick to "humanly" kill the crab before cooking it.Anyway, yummi food 😋.

  3. Hey, you guys are misunderstanding. I used to cook crab before and they actually make some moves even when they’re already dead because of nervous system, I guess. So, I think the Mini chef did nothing inhuman. Chill guys

  4. IS CRAB NOT DIE WHAT omg how its look dangeros for me but i like this

  5. Horrible !!!! Il faut vraiment être une mauvaise personne pour faire ce genre de choses, idem pour ceux qui lisent et mettent des commentaires positifs.
    De nos jours, nous ne sommes même plus capable de respecter la vie sous toutes ses formes, on applaudi les meurtres sous toutes leurs formes, pas étonnant qu'il y ai encore des pays qui se fassent la guerre, un vrai monde de dégénèrés…

  6. I think everyone will enjoy this video. you are a good content creator

  7. Youtube has rules against filming the death of live creatures, even if they're pests like snails & bugs.
    Reporting the video for animal abuse & unsubscribing.

  8. Awesome cute thank you ❣☺ waiting for more delicious recipies ☺☺☺

  9. It was so painful to see a crab is being boiled alive!! I think it is an inhuman act to cook any being alive just to get a better taste! I would rather eat tasteless food than commiting this inhuman act

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