Today In our village, we cook a special mutton curry recipe with peanuts. We did first roasting the peanuts with masala then we ground the masala to add the masala to mutton meats! While cooking [More]
15 village ladies cooking Expensive & tasty Hilsa/Elish fish fry with hodgepodge to feed whole village people. About 45 KG big hilsa fish and 60 KG rice hodgepodge cooking to share food with villagers. First [More]
Huge taro leaves collected from Village & processing then cooking delicious Hilsa/Elish fish mixed mashed/Curry to feed about 300 village people. First lady collect lots of taro leaves & that is free in village then [More]
Village Foods Are Tasty and Healthy Recipe with Mukbang . Friends thik hain ajka dishes restaurant foods or chicken mutton ki tarah nhi hain But healthy bhi hain aur tasty bhi . ekbar isse ghar [More]
KING CRAB TAWA FRY | Tasty village style sea crab recipe by our Grandmother | villfood recipes Today our grandmother going to cook Digha special sea crab tawa fry recipe at home. Please watch full [More]
Today our Village My mom prepared for Jilabi Fish kulambu recipe. Fish cooking for my village our home front beautiful location. Very Easy Village Food for jilabi Fish Cooking in our Village.
Village Food | Farm Fresh Ol Kopi & Fish Curry Recipe Cooking by Grandmother