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Grab your pepper plants and bring them indoors. Here is how! This will be a complete walk through so you can go out and get it done now before jack frost does your plants in. [More]
In today’s video we look at how to use your harvested chilli peppers or chillies and make your own chilly powder at home
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Today I would like to share with you my Fried Oh Yeah Baby Peppers. Written recipe: Buy Oh Yeah Baby: Celtic Sea Salt: Mortar: ~MERCH~ My t-shirts: My aprons: [More]
Here are 8 of my favorite hot peppers. I show you the plants, harvest and talk about the different varieties. The super hots go to my friends, the rest get processed for seed saving and [More]
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It’s that time of year and you have an abundance of peppers. One of the things you can do is pickle them! In this video I show you how I pickle my peppers. I pickle [More]