Quick & Easy Beef Chow Mein

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  1. What the hell am I supposed to do with this? No link to recipe. This isn't cooked correctly and it doesn't tell you how to make this horrible rendition of Chow Mein. I had to stop typing to throw up before finishing this comment. There is no other explanation than this being a cheap cash grab to gain some ad dollars.

    Post this on TikTok instead or actually post something of value. Unsubscribed.

    The worst part is you actually got a bunch of people to think this is how you cook Chinese food and upvote this complete trash.

    For anyone who actually cares about cooking check out Chinese Cooking Demystified or J. Kenji López-Alt on youtube.

  2. Should've added 2 tsp of corn flour to the sauce, it's called velvetising and tenderises the meat 😁👍

  3. That looks yummy. You know a year ago I didn't know what's Americans got things wrong about lo mein and chow mein. Here in the United States we think lo mein is the soft noodles and chow mein is the hard noodles but we got it reversed

  4. This seem extremely uneven and not at the usual quality of Tasty…even missing the actual noodle preparations. No thanks. Seriously, not this

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  6. If you want to make food don't show how bad you cook is and show how everyone can cook it real life that well say it good but yours it bad food

  7. I see no recipe nor a link to a recipe – I'm confident I could make something up, but it would help a lot to have a list of ingredients and proportions. Also it's "quick and easy" once you have done all the prep work, including chopping all the vegetables.

  8. Wow yummy recipe friend 😋 😍 Looks so delicious 🥰😍👍👍🤝🤝🤝

  9. Which language is said "mein" ?because in Chinese is said “mian 面”

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