Mouthwatering Tasty Tacos – Raw Vegan – Whole Foods | Chef AJ LIVE! with Danielle Arsenault

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Danielle Arsenault, an internationally renown Raw Food Chef and Plant-Based Nutrition Educator whose deep desire is to empower women to revolutionize their health and vitality through a live, plant-based, whole foods lifestyle.

She’s the founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education and the Raw Food Chef Alliance, an outdoor enthusiast, mountain lover, fluent Spanish speaker, cookbook author, humanitarian, environmentalist, vegan and mama. For almost 10 years, she travelled the world and discovered isolated corners of over 25 countries and counting. The subsequent 8 years, she lived in a van. Minimalist and free. (She eventually upgraded to an RV).

In 2011 a near-death rock climbing accident changed her relationship with the world and life as she knew it. It gave her the realization that we are truly blessed to be alive. We can achieve anything we put our minds to and make our dreams come true. After the accident, she found herself rapidly healing with no lingering pains whatsoever. She attributes this vitality to the food that she eats and this sparked her passion to share this lifestyle with the world.

While living in South Korea, she collaborated with the lovely Jessica Perlaza by co-creating a vegan, gluten-free cookbook series inspired by seasonal, whole foods. They call themselves the Kitchens of Pinch and Dash and wrote 4 books together. Danielle has also published her own recipe book, Heal and Ignite; 55 Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipes to Heal your Body and Ignite your Spirit and two ebooks, Tropical Treats and Savory Eats and It’s All About the Sauce, both available for download.

Danielle has been featured as a summit speaker alongside the brilliant minds of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Brian Clement, Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Will Tuttle, PhD. She has also contributed recipes and articles to several popular health blogs and magazines, including, elephant journal, Edible: Vancouver Island, Calgary Alumni Magazine, as well as being a regular contributor to the popular Canadian fitness and running magazine, Impact magazine. She has also appeared on many podcasts including; The Game Changers Mentality Podcast, Dirt in Your Skirt, The Vegan Troubadour Show, Power Plant Body Podcast, Think Plant Based, Vegan Boss Radio, Mindalia TV in English among others. She has also been featured in the books, Legends of Change, A Revolution Powered by Womankind and Pursuit 365, becoming an Amazon Best Selling Co-Author. Her TEDX Talk, “The Power of Plants” has almost 57,000 views on YouTube.

Looking for some grounding roots, Danielle founded Pachavega Living Foods Education in 2013 to inspire people to take charge of their health by eating mindfully. Pachavega offers one of the most comprehensive Raw Food Chef Certification online today with 24 modules, 160 recipes, 80 demos videos and countless articles highlighting the power of a plant-based diet,. From a short Introductory course just to spark your interest that you can complete in a weekend to a full-on Raw Food Chef Certification program that takes 6 months online or 25 days in-person, there is something for both the health seeker and the holistic healer. Since 2013, she has graduated over 350 students in the art of plant-based culinary arts.

A creative at heart and is constantly working on projects that give back, constantly learning to enrich her knowledge and deepen her practice as a holistic chef.

Her life’s mission to help her students transform their relationship with food and ultimately, with themselves. Within the context of Pachavega, she teaches how to become the master of your own health and wellness. Through her online and in-person courses, you’ll learn to create delicious plant-based meals, heal your gut, get more energy, sleep better, and learn how to create solid personalized health routines that stick, for good. Pachavega was designed to bring you back home – home to your roots, to your connection with food, and to your healthiest self.

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  1. Love Chef Danielle's recipes! Always so much flavour. I've tried many of her recipes and they always turn out great 🙂

    And thanks Chef AJ for the kind compliments on my raw vegan Tarts & Pies course in the Bundle!!

  2. Chef AJ, I love you; but I beg you please do not deride oatmeal. I understand the problem you have with it. You are like my mother who hated oatmeal simply because the British described it as food that horses eat. But oatmeal is good for you and very useful part of a plant based diet especially when fighting cancer and other chronic diseases. I do understand that it is your right not to like oatmeal. But please do not make such an issue about how much you do not like it because there are so many of us out here who are trying to accommodate it in out plant based lifestyle. That said, keep up the good work. And congrats on approaching your 1000 episode

  3. Isn't Danielle Arsenault lovely? She is engaging, makes a warm and welcoming presentation and is a living representation of excellent health via a raw vegan and whole foods plant exclusive lifestyle. Her recipes are YUM-MY and simple. Thank you for a delightful broadcast.🙏

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