How To Make The Ultimate Lasagna

It’s cheesy, comforting, and indulgent. A truly great lasagna can turn a bad day into a really good one! Check out how we made The Ultimate Lasagna with not one, not two, but FOUR secret ingredients!

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00:00 Intro
00:22 The Red Sauce
03:56 The Béchamel Sauce
04:55 Noodles
05:32 Assemble
06:42 Bake
06:52 Outro

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22 replies on “How To Make The Ultimate Lasagna”

  1. I know that it might makes Italian cry, but I think that a tiny bit of dark soy sauce to add some umami to the red sauce is the move to make your lasagna even better

  2. Looks great but about £50 worth of ingredients, I will stick to my own style unless I come into some money haha.

  3. Your next episode you should do homemade ice cream (machine and no machine)

  4. Wow😋😋🔥🔥 I love this recipe. Making this lasagna THIS WEEKEND. The carrot idea was awesome

  5. I can't have it bc I'm on a low carb diet. It suuuuuccccccckkkkks!!!

  6. Ohhhh my! I got tears in my eyes at the end when I saw it being brought out of the oven.

  7. I think you tear it because if you have a slightly dull knife you bruise the basil and according to my gramma that's bad

  8. Her voice sounds like she could get hired for 'MSA (previously my story animated)'

  9. Sitting here, mouth watering, and making out my grocery list. I’m pretty sure the prosciutto is what I’ve been missing to make this perfection. Thank you!

  10. Lasagna is the most time consuming dish but also an easy dish to make if that makes sense👀 ESPECIALLY when the sauce is made right: for me, I love Lasagna made from authentic ingredients which is why I enjoyed making my Lasagna sauce from vine tomatoes to make an aromatic Marinara & the rest is simple!!!

  11. I pray that everyone who is watching this masterpiece becomes really happy and successful in making good Lasagna!

  12. no but this is actually how we make it!! love to know that we're doing good lol

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