How To Make The Best Birthday Cake

Forget the box! Up your game with our go-to birthday cake. It’s tender, sweet, and most importantly: festive! Follow along for our best tips and tricks.

For more cake tricks check out our Ultimate Chocolate Cake recipe:

00:00 Intro
00:28 Ingredients
01:04 Prep Baking Pans
01:30 Batter
02:22 Reverse Creaming Method
03:04 Add Wet Ingredients
03:10 Sprinkles!
03:28 Pour Batter into Pans
03:33 Bake & Coll
03:32 Frosting
04:42 Assemble
05:33 Crumb Coat
05:50 Decorating
07:04 Time to Party!

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13 replies on “How To Make The Best Birthday Cake”

  1. Cancer here too!!! Yummy can't wait until I am no longer preggers with diabetes to try this cake out.. Too bad it will be after my bday before I can make it.. I think strawberry in the middle layers would be an awesome addition too.

  2. American buttercream is garbage! It’s too damn sweet. Swiss or Italian meringue is the way to go!

  3. I’m confused like how is Swiss meringue heavier than American buttercream

  4. swiss meringue buttercream is too heavy compared to american buttercream??? 🤪🤪

  5. Seriously…you uploaded it 2 days after my brothers birthday….😢 oh well i will still make it eventually anyways

  6. Who is eating this garbage? I mean no offense, but “birthday cake” cakes are GROSS. They are TOO SWEET.

    I have only once eaten a “birthday cake/confetti cake” product that was palatable, and it was baked with cannabis oil. The funky element of the varietal acted like an umami element, toning down the otherwise overwhelming sweetness.

    I understand that the cake originated in a very famous and popular restaurant, but isn’t that the clue? This is not something to just make any time, and it should not have large slices.

    Full disclosure: I hate Jimmies/sprinkles. They are waxy, sweet bits of yuk. Once baked into the cake, that texture thing is not an issue, but I wanted to be honest.

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