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Good morning guys. I really like rainbow. It’s so beautiful so today I make this cake. Give me some feedback if you love my new cakes. Comment below!

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00:00 Rainbow Cake
01:28 Rainbow Dessert
02:15 Sprinkle Cake
03:50 Giant Donut Cake
04:50 Mango Smoothie
05:37 Ice Cream Chocolate Cupcakes
06:23 Brownie Ice Cream Cake
07:13 Chocolate Cake
08:08 Chocolate Tart
09:12 Dessert Cake
10:03 Halloween Sugar Cookies

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14 replies on “How To Make Rainbow Cake Decorating Ideas | So Easy Colorful Cake Tutorials | Tasty Plus”

  1. ทั้งสวยและน่ากิน😋😋🤤

  2. Woow looks delicious i just love it! thanks for sharing 💕 I also make this type of awesome videos!!

  3. Everything is always so tasty looking and satisfying 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  4. I wish she could make me a softball cake for my birthday because, I play softball.

  5. Songs in Order of Appearance:
    1. Move Your Body-Loving Caliber ft. Johanna Dahl
    2. Boomerang-Tape Machines ft. Mia Pfirrman
    3. Better Came Along-Siine ft. Danny Shea
    4. Can you Feel Me-Love Beans (Instrumental Version)
    Also, the sprinkle cake at 3:21 is amazing!

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