Do you like ordering food for the table?

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28 replies on “Do you like ordering food for the table?”

  1. Oh! So now stick cheese don’t exist? How come I ate one today

  2. I remember me and my 6 family used to go restaurant and order only 4 plates thats because 4 plates was enough food to share 7 of us around if we order more then there's always leftover

  3. But what if food doesn’t make me happy. I only like rice cakes and tofu

  4. Boys, i know where y'all were looking while listening. Dont even try to say that didnt

  5. it depends on which crowd i'm with. if i know the people i'm with doesn't know how much they like to eat i tend to order alot. if i know the other person is not into food then i just let them be

  6. What if they had a menu like this with plastic thing on it so u can just tick with whiteboard pen and then rub it off and give it to the next customer

  7. Our rule has always been that everyone gets to choose one, but at least half of the people with us must want to eat it. Thankfully, I only ever go out with my family, and we all will eat almost anything LOL

  8. Try pig feet or chicken feet next at your local Chinese restaurant..
    Wasn't a fan until recently

  9. "Why does no one talks about holly being total knockout gorgeous!!!"

  10. That’s disgusting.imagine someone eating your ear and flesh. You’re disgusting and hypocritical. Meat is meat yet cannibalism is “disgusting” it’s the same thing you meat eaters eat

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