Chinese Grandmas Try Other Chinese Grandma's Dumplings

So, is making your own own dumpling wrappers actually worth it?

00:00 Intro
00:10 Lili Yang
02:45 XiaoZhe Liu
06:57 Susana Tan
09:51 Let’s Eat Dumplings!

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29 replies on “Chinese Grandmas Try Other Chinese Grandma's Dumplings”

  1. Hello🙋‍♀️ good☕ afternoon 🇹🇷

  2. There grandma's! They all look so young and they remind me of my grandma she never measured anything she always eyeballed it

  3. Dear person reading this: I wish you the best for every step in your journey. Go and conquer your dreams!

  4. I like that despite all of them using relatively traditional techniques, these ladies used some non-Chinese ingredients like olive oil, jalapeno, and truffle salt (and that last one isn't known as a cooking salt!)

    It means somehow, we can all copy these recipes and fine alternative ingredients if our local shops don't have things like they showed.

  5. Cute group of ladies simply enjoying the moment without throwing shade and accepting the differences in one anothers cooking styles, flavors and taste.

  6. XiaZhe Liu dumplings made my hungry, loved that recipe! but to be honest all of them looks really good!

  7. Wishing everyone the best sleep of their life after having seen this relaxing video!

  8. These girls are great and XiaoZhe absolutely stole the show. The camera loves her. I would happily watch entire segments of her.

  9. I like the ladies they are so fun and all the dumplings looked good

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