Chef Mom Vs. Chef Dad Lunch Box Challenge

Would you rather eat a rocket ship pizza or a Spider-Man strawberry?

00:00 Intro
01:08 Let’s go Chef Mom!
7:10 Chef Dad is up next!
11:26 Taste Test
12:20 Who won?

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22 replies on “Chef Mom Vs. Chef Dad Lunch Box Challenge”

  1. This video was so fun and creative! Both were great but If I had too choose, I would choose the moms lunch box! Tasty, I totally recommend you make more videos just like this one! I enjoyed it so much!!!

  2. note to producers…
    mom’s always win. 😁
    you should try this again without letting the child know that the parents were involved.👍🏾

  3. Wish my baby was able to Communicate his Likes and Dislikes.
    Be Very Grateful to God for your Healthy Minded children as Well as Physically.
    Don't take Your children's Good Health for Granted. Thank your God DAILY, I BEG of you

  4. 34,772 views, 2.5k likes, 81 comments, 20.9M subscribers. Nice!!

  5. They must throw great bday parties for their kids, loved the creativity with the themed foods. Also it's nice to hear the husband does the laundry ~ division of chores should be the norm but I still appreciate it

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