Can We Make A Recipe That's Been Translated 20 Times: A Big Bird?

Are two brains better than one? Follow along as Jasmine and Katie team up, go rouge and attempt to make “A Big Bird”.

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00:00 Intro
00:49 Strategy?
00:56 Let’s Get Started!
02:55 Step 2
03:43 Step 3
05:10 Hint #1
05:29 Step 4
06:48 Step 5
07:20 Step 6
07:45 Step 7
09:10 Step 8
10:35 Step 9
10:47 Step 10
11:15 Step 11
11:23 Step 12
11:35 Step 13
12:07 Step 14
12:15 Hint #2
12:30 Step 15
12:34 Step 16
12:48 Reveal
13:10 Taste Test
13:40 Outro

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19 replies on “Can We Make A Recipe That's Been Translated 20 Times: A Big Bird?”

  1. I love how Jasmine is so confident in what to do because of how many times she's done this and Katie is just over it.

  2. Jasmine does so much better by herself, Katie is just all over the place.

  3. Omg atayef! What a cool surprise! 🥰This was definitely fun to watch! Love seeing you feature Middle Eastern recipes!🥰💜 love this! Couldn’t stop laughing!

  4. Are they not allowed to read ahead? Would do that even with a non-translated recipe 🤔🤔

  5. “yeah i don’t like when they like flap their wings it’s too much”
    ”that’s all they can do” 💀

  6. When you so hungry but don't have the ingredients

  7. دلع كرشك : نحن نقدم لكم الأكل حلو وحادق بأدق التفاصيل وبكل سهولة وبدون تعقيد ⚘

  8. Next time LETS SEE JASMINE DO IT ALONE! That would be so much harder 🤣🤣 but funnier too!

  9. Can you guys make a head to head competition version of this? Or teamed competition?

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