Can This Pro Chef Turn A Chipotle Burrito Into Pasta?

Burritos or pasta? Why choose?! Chef Joe Sasto knows how to perfectly marry the two into deliciously spicy meatballs and cavatelli. Will special guest Alix Traeger approve the taste test?

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Alix Traeger
Joe Sasto

16 replies on “Can This Pro Chef Turn A Chipotle Burrito Into Pasta?”

  1. This a chef in the sense that we all are chefs when we are cooking?….. I’d bet so.

  2. Absolutely loved this episode BUT I think it would have been better had he actually used the burrito to make this dish not go out and buy all the ingredients that are used to make the burrito because that to me is cheating.
    Loved seeing Alix, she and Rie are my faves 💜

  3. I don’t care what the video is about.
    I only care about the eye candy. 😏

  4. U should make this into a series like Making different foodstuffs into pasta or pizza

  5. They should do this type of challenge but with ONLY the ingredients in the actual thing

  6. Missed the opportunity to turn the rice into orzo. It was right there!!!

  7. Заходите к нам тоже у нас вкусный блюда..

  8. That is the steak from at least 4 chipotle burritos – no way that is just from 1.

  9. I’m still shook he turned chipotle rice into pasta. A food genius 😂👏🏽

  10. That mustache is like he gonna win if you think so press that like 👇

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