Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Campfire? • Tasty

“These are the kinds of unexpected things that happen when you’re camping”

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lamb kofta
alleko/Getty Images
Cooking in a solar oven on the grass.
zianlob/Getty Images
Fisherman’s airy summer time kitchen at the edge of Aydar Lake in red Kyzykum desert, Uzbekistan
DavorLovincic/Getty Images
Campfire cooking
len4foto/Getty Images
Flat Design Camping and Outdoor Pursuits Icons
eyewave/Getty Images

The Winding Mountain Road
Joe Reilly/Getty Images

17 replies on “Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Campfire? • Tasty”

  1. So how genuine was it really? If she didn't know where she was going and what she will be cooking with, how did she decide the dishes beforehand? Because of course they didn't bring their whole pantry, they brought only what was needed for those specifics dishes.

  2. where you gunna get cold butter in a forest 🥴 lol this is probably my favorite one yet

  3. what about making a meal from a chestnut roaster that you use in a fire place

  4. So you just happen to have all the ingredients you need after you find out what your using? In the middle of the woods

  5. That is REALLY NOT how you remove the flesh of a roasted eggplant. Can she actually cook? Cause it made her look like an awkward, incompetent fool.

  6. how did she not know where she is going but had all the ingredients she needed????????

  7. Try some Indian food and taster tester should me rie ar alex.please

  8. I am sorry but I just died when she put about 1/2 cup of salt and was super confident right before.

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