Can I Make A Greek Recipe That Has Been Translated 20 Times?

It’s Mimo’s turn to be in the hot seat! Will she be crying for 3 to 4 minutes? Watch and find out!

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00:00 Intro
00:47 Step 1
01:33 Step 2
03:04 Step 3
04:33 Step 4
06:15 Step 5
07:36 Step 6
08:03 Step 7
08:58 Step 8
09:20 Step 9
10:05 Step 10
10:45 Step 11
11:14 Step 12
11:25 Final Dish
11:45 Taste Test

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11 replies on “Can I Make A Greek Recipe That Has Been Translated 20 Times?”

  1. U guys need to surprise another tasty presenter to be on lost in translation it would be so good and funny

  2. I feel like they should leave the text with the real directions a little longer on the screen. I can't speed read😂😂

  3. I knew most of the ingredients, only because I knew foods commonly used in Greek recipes like phyllo dough or feta

  4. You should do a team vs team episode! Like Jasmine and Katie vs. Mimo and Kelly!

  5. so what you're telling me is the english bible as we know is not to be trusted

  6. When you so hungry but don't have the ingredients

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