2.5KG EEL Braised with FATTY Pork Belly! TASTY FOOD From Village | Uncle Rural Gourmet

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Uncle Rural Gourmet’s secret recipe of Braised Eel! It looks like a bridge, so yummy and tasty!

Hi, I’m Uncle Rural Gourmet from Northwest China, I enjoy cooking and eating in original ways!

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21 replies on “2.5KG EEL Braised with FATTY Pork Belly! TASTY FOOD From Village | Uncle Rural Gourmet”

  1. Страхотно!Да си жив и здрав и да готвиш все така вкусно 😋👍малко уинг мъ и пан чо ,супер чо-пан 👏

  2. Такое красивое сало испортить,это надо уметь.

  3. Bintang tamu spesial paman gourmet 😁 adalah paman botak 😁

  4. Well me and dog went to sleep hungry again. The pork belly looked until he added the eel. I see his buddy arrived just in time. He eats a lot of the dishes he not afraid.

  5. This second oldie is a paid actor.
    He must have to say something ,anything…
    He finds collagen in everything….even in water also…

  6. Uncle Gourmet, Salam from Tanzania. I would love to see you prepare tuna eyes

  7. Приготовьте пожалуйста " Утка по Пекински "
    Дядюшка Сельский пожалуйста. Буду ждать.

  8. Cada país con su cultura,en Árgentina no comemos eso pero a como va la economía vamos a tener que copiar sus costumbres. Saludos

  9. 请把字幕用葡萄牙语👍😊

  10. You is really enjoying your food everything you cook you enjoy it

  11. Uncle Rural that sauce looks so good I like when you make red sauce like that

  12. The rice wine always makes your face pinch when you drink it😜

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